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Many years ago, talk show host  Ronnie McMullen received a call from a listener who raved about a “special tea” that performed well naturally for the body. The host investigated and tried the interesting concoction for himself. In three months he had lost weight, gained more energy and had overall better health. Ronnie started to research and investigate the herbs and their potential benefits to mankind.  That is when he decided he must formulate his own tea product, using ingredients that were not being used at the time.  This was the birth of “Life Change Tea“.  The reason the name fit was because the tea did just that; a life change!  Many years later, Life Change Tea found its home at : As time went on Ronnie did not stop at just formulating tea, he began to formulate healthy, beneficial unique blends of supplements that help the body repair itself. All of the ingredients are Non-GMO and organic if they can be. Some extracts cannot be considered “organic”.  The body knows what to do, sometimes it just needs a little help.  This became a website based on selling products that work, helping mankind find their way back to good health.

The testimonies are “real” people telling “real” stories about Get The Tea products and what they have done for them. Unfortunately because of certain organizations, Get The Tea is not allowed to share in depth testimonies because they are now considered a “claim”.  Health should be everyone’s priority. Today, Get The Tea helps hundreds of thousands stay on track with their health. There is an awakening going on where people are starting to take control of their health and actually do something about it.  Get The Tea is a partner to people who want to improve their lives.

“Life Change Tea. . . Restoring America’s Health, One Tea Bag At A Time.”

Ronnie McMullen