About Life Change

Many years ago, a talk show host received a call from a listener who raved about a “special tea” that performed well naturally for the body. The host investigated and tried the interesting concoction for himself. In three months he had lost weight, gained more energy and had overall better health. The “no-name” tea was formulated by an amazing PhD that cared for the people and strived to create amazing products. The Doctor himself was a professional athlete and a personal trainer to many. The host and the Doctor became friends and Life Change Tea was birthed.

Many years later, Life Change Tea found its home at : getthetea.com. This became a website based on selling products that work, helping mankind find their way back to good health.

The testimonies are “real” people telling “real” stories about Life Change Tea and what it’s done for them. Health should be everyone’s priority. Today, Life Change Tea helps thousands stay on track with their health. The Doctor still works on amazing products and the host helps guide people to proper nutrition and good mental health.

“Life Change Tea. . . Restoring America’s Health, One Tea Bag At A Time.”

Ronnie McMullen