ALL MAIL ORDERS:  Please make check or money order out to:  Get The Tea;  The address is P.O. Box 2064, Sedona, AZ  86339.  Please give the “snail mail” time to get to us and process. Approximately a 2 week turn around. There is a $5.50 shipping charge on all orders; unless you purchase $100.00 or more.  Then it is free.  If your order is to be shipped out of country you would need to call us to find out the appropriate shipping charge.

Once your order has been processed you will be sent a tracking number via email.

Once it leaves our building it us up to your accuracy of the shipping address given and the Post Office to ensure that you receive it.

If you have given us an inaccurate address, and your package gets returned to us and you’d like us to re-ship it, there will be a $5.50 shipping charge to re-ship on all US orders. The shipping rate for all “out of country” orders to be re-shipped will be assessed accordingly.

We make every effort to contact our customers if they provided us with an incorrect address and it was returned back to us. If we contact you and do not hear back within 14 days we will refund your order minus a $10 fee plus shipping and handling. 

If you have ordered and we are unable to ship your package due to an incomplete or invalid address you will be charged a $10 handling and processing fee if you do not respond within 14 days. 

Disclosure for BUSINESS ADDRESSES: If you give us a business address to ship to, we will not be responsible if you do not receive it. You will receive a tracking number, and once it states “delivered” you are responsible on the receiving end. We are not liable if you do not receive the product.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU GIVE US A “MOTEL/HOTEL ADDRESS” FOR DELIVERY.  We will ship it out upon your request; with the understanding that we are not responsible if you do not receive it.