“I’m continuing to improve over here!! I’m so happy with my results, that I turned my mom onto your products.  She’s taking the super strength Life Change Tea and colostrum, just as I am.  She’s just started it and it’s working!  It’s really a miracle.  Thank you so much for your work, I’m so blessed to have found you!  Thanks so much for your company!!! You are truly a blessing to us all :))”
“Life Change Tea has helped THIS PERSON AND I AM EVER SO GRATEFUL! “
“Amazing stuff!! The Colostrum; It’s been six weeks and I’m still cleaning out.  Thank you for saving my life!!!”
Katharine, Indiana
“I have been using the super strength tea for month now I suffered from occasional constipation. I eat healthy, work out and drink 2 litter water daily. I did not think your product would work. I have bowels of steel. I was going to make appointment with GI MD to see what can be done.  I am a registered nurse and I have tried every thing from probiotic to green juice and laxatives. I am amazed  your product works.  I go to the bathroom every day for first time ever. Thank for making a great product that actually works. I just recently ordered my second order.”
 “I have been on your tea for about a week.  Detoxing big time even though I have always considered myself in great shape.  I work out everyday and don’t eat junk food so I was doubting the tea would make much of a difference.  Wow was I surprised.  Feeling great with more energy and I have lost four lbs in one week.  Love the tea!!! *results may vary, average weight loss is 2 lbs. per week.*

“July 15, 2015  I got hit with allergies like never before.  My eyes were swollen and my sinuses were blocked.  I went to 2 specialists and 4 eye doctors.  No drugs would help.  I started on Colostrum in April of 2016.  I thank God I found you.  It has been slow but I am so much better.  I did also remove wheat, sugar, dairy, corn and soy.  Thank you for your product.  I can’t tell you how many people I have sent to your site.  God Bless,


“After initially whining about the exchange (US to Canadian) I tried to cancel, but your company shipped it too fast; it had already gone out.  When it got here I loved the info and the package and took it right away.  I ‘bleep’ you not, I saw a difference in many things within 24 HOURS!!! This product is for real! I got the Super Tea and Pine Bark extract and will be trying more products and re-buying this one.  I did a parasite cleanse in the past as I am in the know about parasites being the cause of 80-90 percent of the illnesses.  But I felt an immediate and distinct difference in this pleasant tasting tea in 24 hours and my stomach is flat!! Where as the other cleanse I did before for 30 days didn’t even remotely effect me.  Who can argue with that? Did you know: doctors who operate on stomachs keep the parasite issue very, very quiet because they do see them.  I love Life Change Tea and I thank them for being so fast at their job.

Sherrie L.

I want to thank you for your tea.   I have been suffering from a pain that several doctors could not figure out..  I knew it had something to do with my constipation, but couldn’t get any of them to listen to me.  I purchased 1 month of tea because I was skeptical.  I have now ordered Buy 2 Get 1 FREE along with the fat burners.  I am now 100% off the Mira-Lax and the pills the Dr’s put me on and am only drinking my tea.  Plus, I have lost inches because all of that crud is no longer inside me.  I have noticed a growth/strength in my fingernails.  My mom, who is a retired nurse said wow, a tea can do all that?!  She is very skeptical but I am working on her and my sister.  My little sister has heart and kidney problems and is an insulin diabetic who is on the pump.  I plan on living on this tea for the rest of my life and will continue to add more getthetea.com products.

Erica Clark

Great Products!  Great results! Unbelievable! When I started taking the Pine Bark especially, the very next day my inflammation was way down!

Beautiful Lady from New Jersey

I love drinking water so much, that I consume 3 liters per day.
Once I tried the Life Change Tea, I told my husband that I found my favorite beverage!!! If I could consume more than the recommended
16 oz of Life Change Tea per day, I would replace all of my water intake with this tea!!! It has helped my entire system immensely!!!
It is hands down the smoothest, best tasting, most refreshing, most beneficial, & most effective tea available!!! I will not go a day without it!!!
Thank you very much for this God send!!!


Thank you for your products. I have become much healthier and lost weight. I was suffering from a wide range of sicknesses, allergies being a very difficult one to live with. My allergies have subsided. I’m looking forward to trying the pine bark for immune support.  You suggest being positive for better health effects. I can tell you that your product have helped me BE more positive. Oh, and for the price and quantity your products are of a good price. Thank you again and may God bless you.

James Robinson

“I’ts been less than a month that I’ve been on your products and I have had outstanding results!  I bought the Package Deal.  I have lost over 8 pounds and feel great.  I have increased energy and curbed my impulsive desire for sweets.  Thanks for a great product and I wish you continued success! “

Ziggy Swenson

“Hi, I emailed back in April regarding my dog.  She is so much better and her coat is very soft.  Thank you so much for your help.”

Georgia Clyde

“I just wanted to take a moment to brag on your product.  I went ahead and ordered the Super Strength Tea and already with my second day and 32 ounces of tea in my system, my diverticular bleed has almost completely stopped and I have been going to the bathroom with absolutely no problems.  This stuff is really doing something good in my body.  Thank you for your help and such a great product.  I will be recommending Life Change Tea to everyone. ”
Amber Whatley

“I’m a returning new customer; actually just ran out of my first order of Life Change Tea.  And, I’ve been telling friends and co-workers that I haven’t felt this good in a long time.  For a number of months I was feeling a lot of pressure from kidney stones; and within just a few days after I started taking the tea, I have no more pain.  This stuff really works.  Thank you for this amazing product.”
Andrew, Dubuque, Iowa

“Thank You!!!! This is a MIRACLE TEA, with every glass I feel better and better with lots more energy to do the things it takes to keep things going.”
Lana Paley, Palm Desert, CA.

“Doctor’s have said that my colon would never work again.  My colon is working perfectly thanks to Life Change Tea!”
Sherryl Fulton, Weatherford, TX.

More energy, weight loss, no depression…“I’ve been on the tea for a year and after my first week of taking the tea I felt like I had energy again. My whole life, I haven’t had as much energy. I feel great! I have lost about ten pounds! The Life Change Tea really brought me out of the last bit of depression because I am feeling better again!”
Virginia, Yucaipa, California


I like it. I love that my wife and I have tried so many things to lose weight, and they have failed her, and she has got medications that took her totally out of hand, this has turned her all the way around. My wife and I both had our gall bladders removed and this takes all of the bloating away. This is one of the greatest things that I have ever put in my body. That is putting you as one of the highest standards, besides being saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, meeting my wife, and having my first baby this is the greatest thing I have run across in my life.


“I think I’ve shed at least two or three pounds in three weeks, I feel energy, I feel more balanced throughout the day, there’s no high or low like you get with other products. I feel like it’s cleaning the system out for the toxins, I order all the time. It’s really good stuff. It works. I like it. I love that it’s all natural.
Jeff/Cedar Rapids, IOWA   


The tea has helped me so much! I’ve been on it for quite awhile. Super strength tea has helped me to keep regular every morning, and it does so much more than that. But for me, my motto is, “To keep regular drink the tea everyday!”
Henry/Halifax, PA


I have been on the Life Change Super Strength Tea for six months now.  In the six months of being on the tea, all my digestive problems have cleared up, my energy levels have gone way up, and constitution problems are no more.  I am very regular from the tea.  I would recommend this tea to anyone.  In fact, I have recommended it to some friends and three people are on it now.  I support the tea and what you are doing.  This tea really changes things!
Michael/La Mirada, CA


My husband and I have been on the tea and ordering regularly for the last four months now.  I am enjoying it very well.  I am no longer sluggish, and I am no longer tired.  I’m going more than I used to.  I am regular now!  And it feels good!  My husband is getting rid of a lot of the parasites from using the tea.  Thank you so much!
Vivian/Wiggins, MS


I have tried so many different products over the years and nothing has worked—until your tea!  Once a year I do a total detox with your Power Cleanse, and I drink the Life Change Super Strength Tea every day like clockwork. As a woman, I had suffered from years of low energy levels, along with chronic migraines, headaches and various problems including aches and pains.  Now today– after being on the Super Tea and the Power Cleanse (once a year) for two years–I feel good!  No more headaches, no more migraines, I am no longer sluggish and my energy levels are tremendous.  If you keep your bowels moving and your system clean, your health will improve dramatically.  Mine has!  By the way, my husband is a diabetic, and was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  Since being on the Power Cleanse and Super Tea, coupled with added vitamins and a proper diet, he was given a clean bill of health from his doctor.  We believe he is healthy because the tea and cleanse helped him.  His diabetes and high blood pressure remain in check and under control today, because he takes your products everyday… along with a better diet and some extra vitamins.  Thank you!
Pauline/ MI


I have been drinking the Super Tea for two and a half years now, and have not had a cold, and I have not been sick.  People should use this tea… It is Good!
Lynn/ New England, ND


“…I first started the tea in late December 2008, and I haven’t had any colds or long sickness since. There have been two times, each lasting about 8 hours, I had some kind of flu that was really bad…and I always get well…Life Change Tea helps stop these attacks quicker than waiting for it to pass for days or weeks.”
Avery/Chesapeake, VA 


“Since I started taking it I’ve lost close 40 pounds. I’ve been on the tea about four months. My energy level has increased with it, so it’s enabled me to do more exercise and working out, so that’s helped a lot. ”
Jim Fergus/ Falls, MN 


“I’ve felt weight loss, but mostly I’ve felt like heaviness is lost and from my digestion system getting all the junk out of there. It’s very mild…it’s not like laxatives. And what I’ve found is that I don’t crave junk food because my body seems to be craving healthy things. It’s really gentle and it’s like drinking Iced Tea! And it’s very easy to drink with meals it makes all the heaviness in my body go away and I feel like I want to eat healthier and I just don’t crave junk any longer. And after a short time, too, after just like a week! I’ve been using it for a long time. And I just feel really good”
Sonja/Baltic, Connecticut


I drink the tea everyday.  I love it and feel better.  The tea really works and my belly bulge is gone.  I wouldn’t be without it.
Fran/Saginaw, MI 


“Well, my trousers are reducing in size and people tell me it’s not so much the pounds that they are seeing, but it’s my dimensions and my hips and my waist size–and that’s from the fat burners and the tea….and my skin is clearing up from the tea–and then my liver was a little messed up–but because I’ve been taking the tea, my liver count is back up to normal. Before, my liver enzymes were kind of bad; this tea is helping my liver come back up to normal. So it’s working for me and my testimony is that I’ll keep taking it for as long as I can get it because it’s doing a great job for me…and I’m just feeling better and everything!!”
Ed/Abilene, TX 


“After about two days it automatically took the puffiness out of my skin and I just looked leaner, and then in about a week I lost probably about a pound and a half and then I lost a total of three to four pounds, but I’m able to keep it off. I told five of my friends about it! And I’m totally pleased with the tea! Great stuff! All of my friends that ordered it are telling their friends about it, and they are very pleased! I love it!


“About two years ago, I fell off a roof and was injured.  Since that day I was unable to get any sleep or even rest.  I was actually able to get some solid rest after 2-3 weeks of being the Life Change Super Strength Tea.  I sleep better, I’m not as restless, and I wake up totally refreshed and ready to begin my day.  I’m hooked on it!  I’m a real believer that your tea works great for me.  And I’m staying on it!  My son (he’s in his thirties) wants to lose a little bit of weight, so he’s going to start on the tea as soon as my order arrives.  “Thank you for your Super Tea!”
George/ PA


“I never used to have a problem with acne, but then, about a year ago, I moved to Austin, TX, and started getting acne terribly. I didn’t know what to do. The tea was the only thing that helped. Now I don’t have that problem. Since I’ve been taking the tea, the acne has stopped.”
Shanwyon/Lubbock, TX


“It helped my husband with his constipation. And it alleviated his hemorrhoids”
Gail/ Holdenville, OK


“My sister told me about how great Life Change Tea is—and how well it cleansed her body. So I thought I’d try it myself. I really like it, too! And I felt it cleansing my body right away.”


“I really like the tea! I have more energy and I like the detoxifying effect.”
Joe/ Nebraska


“I have really enjoying your tea! After only a few days of taking it, I felt lighter and less lethargic. I like it so well that I’ve recommended it to my friends and Grandmother. She feels cleansed, too.”
William/ Virginia


Originally my doctor thought I’d be on insulin for the rest of my life. But after taking Life Change Super Strength Tea and changing my diet, I’ve had a real turn around with my diabetes. When I went back to my doctor, his jaw dropped at the results. So I’m staying on the Super Tea and the diet change…and no insulin!


“I used to get really bad cramps in my hands, and now I’ve noticed that I’m not getting them since I started taking the Joint Aid.”


“I was really hesitant to try a product like yours. I didn’t know what it would do. But I tried it anyway, and your Regular Strength Life Change Tea is doing good things for my body. I really, really like it…and I’m going to keep on it. Thank you.”


“I live in a very polluted area of California from pesticides, insecticides, and chemicals. When you’re hurting every day of your life, you’ll do anything to get better…So, I tried your tea. After being on the tea for just two weeks, I have been able to come off all the over the counter allergy medicines I was on. I threw them all away. My skin has more moisture, I have more energy, and my temperament is more even keel now. As the toxins are being cleansed from my body, I feel so much better. I even want to eat better now. It’s like this is some kind of magical elixir! I’ll definitely be re-ordering after I finish my first month’s supply. Thank you for being real…”


“After being on your Super Strength Tea, I’ve noticed that I’m less susceptible to colds that other people have. (I work in an office.) The tea has boosted my immune system. I really like it and need to order some more.”