Q:  What tea should I use first? 

A:  That is a completely personal preference. Our most popular tea is the Super Strength as it is our strongest daily cleanse however all of our teas are gentle daily cleanses. The Super Strength Tea is unflavored and the Pomegranate Formula 13 is flavored with Pomegranate so you are welcome to try both!

Q:  Will my order be shipped automatically each month?

A:  No, Auto Ship on any order is available only upon request via a phone call to set you up.  You can call: 928-308-0408 if you are interested in getting an order of any combination of things each month.  Call for all details. You cannot order any of the “specials” with Auto Ship.  It ships out each month on the 5th.

Q:  Why are there only 8 bags of tea in a one month supply?

A:  Because 8 tea bags makes a concentrate that will yield you 4 gallons of tea.  If you drink 16 ounces a day; it will last you exactly 32 days.  Some people want to drink more; some less.  It’s really entirely up to you.

Q:  What are some of the effects of the tea that I might notice?

A:  Because we are each individual and each has a different body; the herbs might effect each of you differently. It is completely normal to have loose bowel movements with a cleanse for a while as the herbs are removing the “intruders” in your body.  As time goes on; this may decrease.  You can always opt to decrease the amount you are drinking daily if you have an uncomfortable experience.

Q:  What should I do if my tea bag  breaks?

A:  The tea bags are thin so that they absorb into the water.  If one of them breaks; you can do two things: you can strain the herbs; or you can ingest them.  Either way, the herbs are wonderful for your body.

Q:  What should I be noticing drinking the tea? 

A:  Many customers notice an increase in bathroom visits, and then it will regulate after your colon continues to cleanse. More energy, a boosted immune system, some customers have even experience clearer skin & weight loss.

Q:  Can I drink the tea warm or cold?

A:  Yes to both.  After you brew your tea and refrigerate it; you can warm it up to drink it or drink it cold.  That is your preference, however we do not recommend using the microwave as it can reduce the potency of the herbs.

Q:  Can I drink the tea if I am on medication?

A:  You can drink the tea after 2 hours of your medication.  It needs that amount of time to absorb into your body and if you drink the tea too soon afterwards; the tea will possibly interfere or flush your medications. Specific concerns should be discussed with your healthcare professional.

Q:  Can I drink the tea with supplements?

A:  Yes.  Anything that is an herbal or natural supplement can be taken directly with the tea.

Q:  Will I lose weight from drinking the tea?

A:  Because the tea is a “colon, liver and kidney” cleanse; sometimes there is a build up in your colon.  If that is the case; as you cleanse all of that will start to exit the body; which is where you might lose some weight.  We have heard from those who have lost 30 pounds, or 3 pounds.  It really depends on how much build up is in your colon.

Q:  What flavor does the tea have?

A:  The Life Change Tea Super Strength has a very mild taste. Because the tea is made up primarily of medicinal herbs it does not have a strong flavor. The Pomegranate Formula 13 has a very fruity flavor with a mild sweetness sourced from stevia.

Q:  Can you drink the tea if you are nursing or pregnant?

A:  Of course, you will want to check with your Doctor and provide them with a list of the ingredients first.  However; you can drink the tea if you are nursing; you just need to start out slowly; perhaps start with 2 ounces a day and see how you do and watch how the baby does.  We don’t recommend it for most pregnant women; but again, you need to consult your personal physician first.

Q:  Is there any caffeine in this tea?

A:  No.  Even though there are green and white tea leaves in our tea; there is such a trace amount that it cannot be measured.

Q:  How long should I stay on the tea?

A:  This is a gentle daily cleansing tea. Think of the tea as a shower from the inside out. We often think about cleansing the outside of our bodies but pay no attention to the inside, which is the true source of our well being. We do recommend taking a break once a month for 1-4 days so that your body can reset.