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Q:  What tea should I use first? Are all of your teas the same strength?
A:  All of our teas are the same strength, the only difference is the flavor.  Our most popular tea is the Super Strength as it is unflavored and some of our customers enjoy the option of mixing it with a tea of their liking or a juice. We have unflavored, peppermint, and pomegranate available so give them all a try so you know what you like!

Q:  Is the tea sweetened?
Only the Life Change Super Tea in Pomegranate is sweetened with Stevia Extract. 

Q:  What if I don’t want to make a full gallon of tea at one time?
The smallest batch of tea you can make is half gallon. Simply brew your tea the same way using one tea bag.

Q:  Will my order be shipped automatically each month?
A:  Only if you subscribe for a monthly bag of our cleansing tea. We do not automatically charge and ship to you unless you have asked us to do so.

Q:  Why are there only 8 bags of tea in a one month supply?
A:  Because 8 tea bags makes a concentrate that will yield you 4 gallons of tea.  Suggested use is 8-16 ounces per day. If you drink 16 ounces a day; it will last you exactly 32 days.  Some people want to drink more; some less.  It’s really entirely up to you.

Q:  I have been drinking the tea for 2 weeks and haven’t noticed anything, is it working?
A:  As you begin to start gently cleansing your body many things can factor in to how the tea is working. Our tea is a gentle daily cleanse and does not have dramatic results until it’s been used over time. You want to think of the tea as a way to aid your body in maintaining optimal health. We shower every day and the results aren’t dramatic, same concept for the insides of our body. Even though we may not notice it right away, our body benefits from the herbs in so many ways when we are taking proper care of it.

Q:  What are some of the effects of the tea that I might notice?
A:  Every body is different and will respond on an individual basis. The herbs might effect each of you differently depending on lifestyle, diet and underlying health factors. It is completely normal to have loose or more frequent bowel movements with a cleanse for a while as the herbs working though your body.  As time goes on; this may decrease.  You can always opt to decrease the amount you are drinking daily if you have an uncomfortable experience. It is also possible to feel constipated because when you are cleansing your body it is moving a lot to the colon. Be sure to listen to your body and decrease the amount of tea you are drinking if you need to.

Q: What are the tea bags made of?
A: Our tea bags are made of Soilon. Soilon is 100% bio-degradable and compostable.

Q:  Why is their powder or loose tea in my package?
A:  The tea bags are thin to allow for maximum absorption of the herbs when brewing.  Sometimes in transit the powdered extracts can escape the bag. This is totally normal and you are not losing any benefits.   The herbs can be ingested or you can strain out any loose herbs.  Either way, the herbs are wonderful for your body.

Q:  Can I drink the tea warm or cold?
A:  Yes to both.  After you brew your tea and refrigerate it; you can warm it up to drink it or drink it cold.  That is your preference.

Q:  Can I drink the tea if I am on medication?
A:  You can drink the tea 2 hours before or after taking your medication.   Specific concerns should be discussed with your healthcare professional before using the tea.

Q:  Can I drink the tea with supplements?
A:  Yes.  Anything that is an herbal or natural supplement can be taken directly with the tea.

Q:  What flavor does the tea have?
A:  The Life Change Tea Super Strength has a very mild taste because the tea is made up primarily of medicinal herbs it does not have a strong flavor. The Pomegranate Super Tea has a very fruity flavor with a mild sweetness sourced from stevia. We also sell a Peppermint Super Tea which has a gentle hint of refreshing peppermint flavor. You can mix your tea with juice or a flavored tea in place of water.

Q:  Can you drink the tea if you are nursing or pregnant?
A:  Every pregnancy is different. Please discuss with your medical provider if the tea is a good choice for you.

Q:  Is there any caffeine in this tea?
A:  No.  Even though there are green and white tea leaves in our tea; there is such a trace amount that it cannot be measured.

Q:  How long should I stay on the tea?
A:  This is a gentle daily cleansing tea. Think of the tea as a shower from the inside out. We often think about cleansing the outside of our bodies but pay no attention to the inside, which is the true source of our well being.