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Allicin Advanced (2 Month Supply)


2 Month Supply

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Allicin Advanced (2 month supply)

Serving Size: 1 capsule 425mg
Servings per container: 60
Allisure Garlic Extract 300 mg
Unique Proprietary Blend 125 mg:
Vitamin B 12
Vitamin C
Other ingredient: Organic Pullulan vegetarian capsule shell
Suggested Use: Adults; one capsule, one daily

In 1944 Italian chemist, C.J. Cavallito first isolated an unstable, odorous, sulfur containing compound with cleansing and immune boosting properties from extracts. of fresh garlic. He called the substance allicin after the generic name for the plant Allium Sativum.
Four years later researchers Stoll and Seebeck, also working with garlic, discovered an odourless sulphur-containing compound called alliin (al-eeen). This they found to be converted by a second garlic constituent, anenzyme called allinase (al-i-naze), to form allicin.
Because allicin/allisure has such a wide spectrum of activity, and show allicin capsules will be worthwhile as a strong defense against outside toxins.

Allicin Advanced can optimize your immune system to keep your body healthy throughout the entire year.*
Blood Pressure Levels*: Allicin has been shown to help maintain both the health of normal healthy systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Allicin powder capsules can usually be taken with any conventional blood pressure medication, but consult with your healthcare practitioner.
Allicin helps keep healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range and maintains healthy Blood Circulation.*

Benefits of Bioflavonoids:
The main health benefits of bioflavonoids fall into two categories: health-promoting effects and therapeutic effects. Flavonoids also have a low toxicity compared to other beneficial plant compounds and they’ve been called “nature’s biological response modifiers” because they can help us react appropriately to outside toxins by giving a powerful boost to the immune system.

Benefits of B12:
We added Vitamin B12 which is a POWERHOUSE. Do not take if you are allergic or sensitive to cobalamin.

Helps maintain good memory*, even as you get older. Boosts your energy levels* , Helps with sleep*, Maintains eye health*, Helps with male fertility*, Maintains healthy liver and kidneys*

There’s some evidence that vitamin B12 may help maintain heart health and may improve or help with memory problems associated with aging. This vitamin is found primarily in animal foods, such as beef, seafood, eggs, and dairy products, which is why some vegans are at risk for a B12 deficiency.

Benefits of Vitamin C:
Vitamin C is not made by the body; it is obtained through diet and supplementation. Supplementation can help ensure that individuals receive enough of this essential vitamin and enjoy the many benefits it offers.
Immunity-boosting properties*.
Preventive measure and strengthens your immune system*
It can guard against stress by promoting production of anti-stress hormones and neutralizing free radicals that can damage cells*.Improves iron absorption*.

Now at long last, after 80 years of trying to release the ‘mother substance’ – the HEART of garlic – allicin advanced is finally available in sufficient quantities to act as an effective, natural immune defense in your body.

****As with all dietary supplements you should always consult with your Doctor before use.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This products is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease.



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