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Organic Aloe Vera/Lemon Oil Bar Soap


Glycerin Soap with Aloe Vera Gel & Lemon Oil

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The special needs students take great pride in working and making sure each bar of soap is as perfect as they can make it. We hope you can feel all the happiness, innocence, love and pride they put into each bar.  Special service students have begun a completely student run soap making operation.  The students make, package and deliver the soaps.  They are made with all natural ingredients from goat’s milk or aloe vera base to natural essential oil scents and colors.

“…It is very hard for people with special disabilities, to find a job; We feel proud cooking soap and meeting new people and we get to make money by working and learning new skills…” 

Glycerin Aloe Vera Gel/Lemon Oil
Approximately 3.0-3.5 oz. Handmade Bar
Ingredients: (All natural-Organic) Coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, avocado oil, glycerine (kosher, of vegetable origin), aloe vera gel, purified water, sodium hydroxide (saponifying agent), sorbitol (moisturizer), sorbitan oleate (emulsifier), soy bean protein (conditioner).
Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel:
Moisturizes the skin without giving it a greasy feel, so it`s perfect for anyone with an oily skin complexion.
Aloe is soothing, while helping the skin to rejuvenate.

Benefits of Lemon Oil:
Skin care: Lemon oil is a good remedy for increasing the luster of dull skin. It is astringent and detoxifying in nature, and rejuvenates sagging or tired-looking skin.


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