Wildflower West Sun Damage Serum


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Wildflower West Sun Damage Serum 2oz

The southwestern plants, Chapparal, Globemallow, Arizona Cypress, Uva Ursi and Echinacea, gift desert and city dwellers alike with what we need most- protection from the sun, wind and environmental pollution. With a base of pure vitamin and anti-oxidant rich rosehip oil, the Wildflower West Sun Damage Serum intensely detoxifies skin, minimizing the appearance of sun damage discolorations, tumors, rashes, adult acne eruptions and chemical burns while toning and rejuvenating environmentally parched, prematurely aged skin.

NDGA, a compound found in the ancient bush Chapparal, helps remove skin tumors and precancerous growths, especially actinic keratosis. Raised actinic keratosis brown spots generally fade in two weeks to four months of applying the serum twice a day.
Arizona Cypress is strongly antimicrobial, purifying and protecting skin, minimizing breakouts and viral cold sores.

Globemallow , a beautiful orange flower blessing the desert in Spring, helps cells to retain precious moisture, reducing the appearance of “leathered” skin.
Uva Ursi,a plant native to our canyons and mountain forests, helps skin regulate melanin production, minimizing discolorations.
Echinacea, or Purple Coneflower, is legendary for its immune boosting and anti-inflammatory gifts leaving our skin strong, clear and resilient, reflecting the beauty inside of us.
Wildflower West Sun Damage Serum is lovingly hand crafted in Arizona from native wild-harvested plants and pure, natural ingredients.


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