Hello friends,

 My name is Lisa Franklin. When the former owner chose to retire in April of this year I chose to step up to take full ownership. It was important to me to continue distributing all of the amazing products here at Get The Tea. I have worked behind the scenes with Get The Tea for many, many years.  Although most of you don’t know me, I was always there providing for the best interests of the company.  One of the best things I love about this company is that we strive to always source the purest ingredients possible.  Instead of putting fillers or second grade ingredients into the products we take the time to find the best manufacturers out there. 

What makes Get The Tea so special is that all of our customers took part in the growth of the company.  I care about you and what you might bring to the table in 2022 to make this company even better.  Your ideas, thoughts and opinions matter to me, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for continuing to “harness your health”!

My personal belief is that these three; mind, body and soul direct us on this earth and it is our responsibility to maintain all three in order to achieve the highest possible goals.

Stay on the path of discovery!



Lisa Franklin

CEO of Get The Tea LLC